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For 25 years, Norwex has been redefining clean- reducing harmful chemicals in homes around the world and creating safe havens for all.

We are excited to invite you to join us in helping to create Safe Havens – starting with your home!  Norwex offers you a great opportunity to earn a terrific income, a sense of purpose along with knowing you are making a difference for you, your family and your community!

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Did you know that Norwex will offer give a new consultant a Starter Kit for free?

You will get a box full of Norwex products, catalogs, and learning/training tools without charging you. You will only pay the shipping of the box, $9.99 plus tax. This will give you 90 days FREE to share Norwex with Friends, Family and more. I will help you get get started so you can reach your goal of $2,000 in sales within 90 days so you can keep your FREE kit!

Why Become a Norwex Consultant?

  • Earn 35% discount immediately on personal retail purchases along with retail sales to customers!
  • Our average party is over $500.00 and that means you earn on average - $175.00 everytime you share Norwex with a group!
  • Everything you need to Create Safe Havens comes in your Starter Kit and you can start for just $9.99
  • The Norwex Host Program is funded completely by Norwex – it costs you nothing!  And it’s really a generous program!
  • Feel good about doing meaningful work!  Sharing products that help families live healthy!
  • No need to wait – starting building a team right away and discover the “leader” in you!
  • Free products from Norwex – just for inviting others to join Norwex!
  • Monthly customer and host specials to excite!
  • Monthly Consultant incentive and rewards programs for you to earn!


Contact: Lisa Mazzotta
Phone: 419-651-5528


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